Joanna Gollberg: Collected: An Exploration of Travel Through Jewelry


Joanna Gollberg’s most recent body of work considers the experiences of travel, observation, and enlightenment through the form of jewelry.  Inspired by her own personal collection of coral, shells, and other keepsakes gathered while traveling the world, the exhibition will feature an exciting new series created from precious and semi precious materials, as well as found objects.  Found in Mexico, Western North Carolina, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam, these tokens serve as a physical reminder of the place from which they came, their histories, and the artist’s connection to each experience.  The exhibition will also include a selection of documentary photographs, taken by the artist on each trip.

On this pivotal new body of work, Gollberg writes:  

I had never before given myself permission to use (these elements) in my jewelry, because they were physical objects that kept me connected to places that made my whole heart feel crushingly full…  I chose to use techniques that I rarely employ in my day to day jewelry making life—mold making, wax carving, casting, enameling which gave me deep pleasure. I freely used gemstones and materials that suited each piece,disregarding any pre-planned price structure… The results are twofold: I am spiritually refreshed and ready to re-enter my work life anew, and I have created a body of work that is personally meaningful, yet still beautiful and true to my aesthetic.”

With a Jewelry Design degree from FIT in New York City, Gollberg has been creating and exhibiting unique wearable objects since 1997.  A well-known and respected author, she has written four books on handcrafted jewelry: Making Metal JewelryCreative Metal CraftsThe Art & Craft of Making Jewelry, and The Ultimate Jeweler’s Guide.  Her work has been included in gallery and museum exhibitions across the US and has been featured in international publications such as Art Jewelry MagazineLapidary JournalOrnament Magazine1000 Rings500 Wedding Rings500 Enameled Objects, and 21st Century Jewelry.   Currently based out of Asheville, North Carolina, the artist also teaches at noted craft institutions such as the Penland School of Crafts and Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts.

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Highlighted Works:
JG_Azul y Shell pendientes moldeados_Earrings

Joanna Gollberg, Azul y Shell pendientes moldeados (Earrings), Sterling Silver, Blue Topaz, Shell (Mexico), Concrete (Mexico), Plastic (Mexico), Beads: Turquoise, Iolite, Green Turquoise

JG_Wng thxng kab kheluxb si fa laea heawn muk_Ring

Joanna Gollberg, Wng thxng kạb khelụ̄xb s̄ī f̂ā læa h̄æwn muk วงทองกับเคลือบสีฟ้าและแหวนมุก (Ring), 18K Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver, Freshwater Pearl, Blue Enamel (on cast shell from Mexico)

JG_El collar de citrino amarillo y otras cosas_Necklace

Joanna Gollberg, El collar de citrino amarillo y otras cosas (Necklace), Sterling silver, Yellow rock (Mexico), brown glass (Western NC), citrine, coral (Mexico), yellow enamel, Citrine beads


Joanna Gollberg, El Grande Collar de los Coralinos (Necklace) Sterling silver, Coral (Mexico), Hydro Peridot, Peridot, Apatite, Turquoise, Lab Sapphire, Topaz, Chalcedony

JG_pendientes de cristal verde opalo y coral fundido_Earrimgs

Joanna Gollberg, pendientes de cristal verde, ópalo, y coral fundido (Earrings), Sterling silver, Green Glass (Mexico), Sunstone, Peridot, Emerald, Opal

JG_Red Pop Top Coral Earring

Joanna Gollberg, Red Pop Top & Coral Earrings, Sterling Silver, Aluminum (Western NC), Garnet, Coral, Simulated Ruby


JG_Sithrin laea peluxk hxy tang hu Teo_Earrings

Joanna Gollberg, Sithrin læa pelụ̄xk h̄xy t̀āng h̄ū Teo k̄hā ซิทรีนและเปลือกหอยต่างหูสองข (Earrings), Sterling Silver, Citrine, Shell (Thailand)

JG_sam tang hu hin thi mi peluxk hxy_Earrings

Joanna Gollberg, S̄ām t̀āng h̄ū h̄in thī̀ mī pelụ̄xk h̄̂xy สามต่างหูหินที่มีเปลือกห้อย (Earrings), Sterling Silver, Blue Chalcedony, Green Glass (Mexico), Concrete (Mexico), Blue Sapphire

JG_Mrkt læa srxy khx ngein bath_Necklace

Joanna Golberg, Mrkt læa s̄r̂xy khx ngein bāth มรกตและสร้อยคอเงินบาท (Necklace), Black Acrylic, Yellow Diamond (.10 ct), Green Enamel (On cast Thai Baht), Green Onyx, Rough Emerald, Peridot, Shell (Mexico), Lemon Quartz, Malachite, Beads: Emerald


JG_Hare kanca aura lakha jhumake_Earrings

Joanna Gollberg, हरे कांच और लाख झुमके Harē kān̄ca aura lākha jhumakē (Earrings), Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Bi-metal, Citrine, Green Glass (Mexico), Green Onyx, Lac Jewelry Pieces (India)

JG_Gama aura khola broca_Brooch

Joanna Gollberg, गम और खोल ब्रोच Gama aura khōla brōca (Brooch), Sterling Silver, Blue Pottery Shard (Western NC), Lapis, Amethyst Crystal, Amethyst, Dried Gum (Mexico), Pink Opal, Concrete (Mexico), Turquoise, Green Enamel (On cast shell from Mexico), Green Onyx

JG_el collar de la garra del cangrejo_Necklace

Joanna Gollberg, el collar de la garra del cangrejo (Necklace), Sterling Silver, Blue Chalcedony, Crab Claw (Mexico)


JG_Ninta civappu rattina puttar kataṇika_Earrings

Joanna Gollberg, Nīṇṭa civappu rattiṉa puttar kātaṇika நீண்ட சிவப்பு ரத்தின புத்தர் காதணிகள் (Earrings), Sterling Silver, Garnet, Shell (Mexico), Pink Tourmaline, Ruby, Antique Carved Ivory (India)

JG_Rosa Shell Circulo Pendiente_Earrings

Joanna Gollberg, Rosa Shell Circulo Pendiente (Earrings), Sterling silver, 18K gold Bi-metal, blue topaz, pink opal, shell (Mexico), Rubelite

JG_El Anillo de coral fundido y Turmalina_Ring

Joanna Gollberg, El Anillo de coral fundido y Turmalina (Ring), Sterling silver, Pink Tourmaline


JG_Rubi aura korala hara_Necklace

Joanna Gollberg, रूबी और कोरल हार Rūbī aura kōrala hāra (Necklace), Sterling silver, Coral (Mexico), Lab Ruby, natural faceted flat ruby, natural faceted rubies, Natural ruby rough, Carnelian

JG_Puttar poti maram nakaiya_Necklace

Joanna Gollberg, புத்தர் போதி மரம் நகையை Puttar pōti maram nakaiyai (Necklace), Sterling silver, Green Chalcedony, Blue Chalcedony, Sapphire

JG_Puttar vaḷaiyam_Ring

Joanna Gollberg, புத்தர் வளையம் Puttar vaḷaiyam (Ring), Sterling Silver, Ruby


JG_Hathi Broca_Brooch

Joanna Gollberg, Hathi Broca हाथी ब्रोच (Brooch), Sterling silver, 18k gold bi-metal, freshwater pearl, Larimar, Shell (Mexico), Blue diamond (.10 ct)

Joanna Gollberg, புத்தர் போதி மரம் நகையை Puttar pōti maram nakaiyai (Necklace), Sterling silver, Green Chalcedony, Blue Chalcedony, Sapphire

JG_Blue Rock Necklace

Joanna Gollberg, Blue Rock Necklace, Pottery shard (My mom’d driveway), Stone (Western NC), Lapis


JG_de color rosa pendientes de concha y rubi_Earrings

Joanna Gollberg, de color rosa pendientes de concha y rubí (Earrings), Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Bi-Metal, Lab-Created Rubies, Shell (Mexico), Pink Opal, Rubies (India)

JG_Klum xạỵmṇi læa krngleb srxy khx hxy_Necklace

Joanna Gollberg, Klùm xạỵmṇī læa krnglĕb s̄r̂xy khx h̄̂xy กลุ่มอัญมณีและกรงเล็บสร้อยคอห้อย (Necklace), Sterling silver, 18K Gold, Peridot, Carnelian, Malachite, Chrysoprase, Citrine, Shell